Dear Sir,

Regarding Paul's comments (Saturday's edition). I fully agree with most of what you say but may I add one missing fact?
The Hamburg labs found EHEC bacterias on a number of Spanish cucumbers.
In the given situation they had to inform the public. Four days later it was known that these specific EHEC bacterias were not responsible for the deaths.

I for myself, however, prefer to be informed right away.

Heinz König

Dear Sir, With regard to your article entitled “ Local property market moves”. Would you trust ANY figures published by the Spanish authories regarding property, be it transactions or prices.

They have been in perpetual denial of the collapse of the property market since April 2007. One has only to drive around southern Spain to see just how bad it really is.

Everyone knows that the biggest estate agents in Spain are the banks which are now being forced to sell off property at big discounts.
As for the Balerics islands the Bulletin said in 2006 that property was 20% overvalued.
Goodness only knows what it is now. Property on Menorca still having asking prices of 150'000 Euros for a 45sq meter apartment. It's a joke.
I wonder when these agents are going to “wake up and smell the coffee” One agent has 3'000 properties for sale. The world has moved on!!