By Jason Moore

MAJORCA will turn blue today as scores of new Mayors are sworn-in, the majority from the centre-right Partido Popular, who won a crushing victory in the local elections last month. All of the principal towns and areas on the island will be ruled by the Partido Popular from Palma to Inca, and Manacor to Calvia. Even in Andratx, the Partido Popular will rule in coalition. It is a time of change in Majorca and there is plenty at stake. Many local councils are in serious debt and can´t borrow any more thanks to government legislation. The majority of the key tourist councils will be run by the Partido Popular.

In Calvia, the new council, has promised to help the tourist industry and turn it into an all year around industry. All island Mayors need to work to revive the tourist industry. Later this month the new President of the Balearic government, Jose Ramon Bauza, will be sworn in. He has promised to try and help the Balearics rid itself of its record level of unemployment. He says that he will encourage investment in the islands from the private sector and relaunch stalled projects such as a major shopping centre in the Playa de Palma or a golf course in Muro. However, government coffers are not overpouring with cash. Bauza has said that he will decide on his economic policy when he knows the exact amount of money he has at his disposal. It is certainly a time of change in the Balearics and the new President and Mayors must deliver.