By Jason Moore AS a person who has watched many England matches in Magalluf and Palmanova I am outraged by the discriminatory ban solely on England fans in just two of Calvia's many resorts. I will not continue because I am sure that others in bigger British newspapers will push the point home. But I will say this; by introducing this ban in just two resorts it is more than likely that England fans, who are probably confined to Palmanova and Magalluf, will go elsewhere in Calvia, where there is no ban, to watch the England matches, such as Paguera or Santa Ponsa. There is a strong possibility that England will play Germany in this World Cup and as we all know Paguera is very popular with German tourists. The most sensible thing would have been to make the ban Calvia-wide and not just discriminate against England fans. Unfortunately, England does have a reputation for hooliganism but so do other countries. There has been terrible violence in Spanish league matches and all recent England games have been trouble free. Let's just hope that the council see that they have made a mistake and introduce fair legislation which does not discriminate against anyone. We are facing a difficult season and the last thing which Majorca's premier tourist municipality needs at the moment is stupid and short-sighted legislation which will only cause trouble.