Dear Editor,

SOME distressing news is the number of street touts in the Puerto Alcudia area and their apparent adoption of even more aggressive techniques. My wife and family have visited Majorca since 1970 and Alcudia has become a particular favourite for us with regular holidays there since 1982. We have had some memorable holidays over the years but on our latest visit (June 2008) we were shocked and dismayed by the number of street touts who made our lives an absolute misery every time we walked out on the street. We were approached several times on each visit to the Port area. The touts were abusive and aggressive when we tried to avoid them and even shouted at us as we walked across the street trying our best to avoid them. In fact they seemed to take pleasure from upsetting visitors with one of their women members shouting abuse after us at the top of her voice.

Can your publication bring any pressure to bear on the authorities to intervene to get these obnoxious animals off the streets?

Otherwise Is there any way to make a formal complaint to the town council or some authority in Alcudia before a good number of their frequent visitors are driven elsewhere? This is a really serious problem - it is not a matter of being accosted now and again but literally every few metres and from every direction! Surely someone can do something...

I really hope that action can be taken to move these people off the streets and return Alcudia to it's previous state.

Many thanks
G. Booker, England