By Jason Moore

WHY has U.S. President Barack Obama declared war on British Petroleum? Instead of concentrating and helping with the clean-up operation from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico Obama seems to take delight in blaming BP and its management team for the whole disaster.

His rhetoric has been unfortunate to say the least and you do get the impression that the U.S. President holds Britain´s premier company to blame for all the world´s ills. U.S. oil companies have been responsible for some of the world´s biggest environmental disasters but not a word of criticism from U.S. Presidents. Some are already saying that Obama is being rather anti-British in his handling of the environmental crisis.

You can safely say that BP is doing its best to limit the damage from the oil spill and it probably could do with as much help as it can get rather than criticism from the White House. I am quite surprised at the whole U.S. reaction. Even Prime Minister David Cameron has come under pressure from some sections to defend the blue-chip company from what many see as a U.S. onslaught. I think that any criticism should be left until the whole crisis is resolved and a full investigation has established who is to blame and why.