DEAR SIR, I have recently visited Magalluf and whilst there I acquired a price leaflet from the local supermarket. When I got home I compared these prices and found, overall, not a lot of difference. Cleaning products seem to be slightly dearer in Magalluf and wine was slightly cheaper but food was about the same. My point being, when I am in Magalluf, why am I being asked to pay restaurant prices for ‘sandwich-van' food? I can visit my local Carvery in the UK and get meat and all the veg I can eat for £6.00. In some bars in Magalluf it costs about the same for a low quality burger & chips (sandwich-van food). Beer is about the same as in a UK pub but when you order a pint do you actually get a full UK PINT? In my local carvery I can buy a reasonable bottle of wine for around £8, a bottle of wine of about the same quality was costing me £12 + in Magalluf. As you can see, my opinion of Magalluf is that it is EXPENSIVE and will no doubt get more expensive when IVA increases in July.

Yours, Dave S