By Jason Moore ON Tuesday night I was watching the Spanish news headlines. It wasn´t a particularly good day for Spain because truck drivers and fishermen were causing havoc, shops were running out of food, the local economy was struggling and the poor weather was keeping tourists away. So what was their lead news story any of the above you would have thought. But no. Their lead story was the fact that the Spanish football squad had beaten Russia 4-1 in their opening European Championship match. It was naturally a good news story and in some ways added more weight to allegations that the Zapatero government would be using the football to bury bad news. I was quite amazed but not really surprised. Football is important but I think that even the most diehard fan would admit that the truck drivers' strike was more important. Spain´s media has never been so negative as some of their European counterparts. Is this a good thing? Well yes and no. Sometimes the British TV news is so depressing and you would welcome some good news. However, at the moment, let´s face it things are pretty grim and while football maybe a distraction it is just that. All I hope is that the truck dispute is settled soon.