By Jason Moore THIS week I enjoyed a small break on Minorca, it is a lovely place and so different to Majorca. Not I am being told that things were not good on our sister island. British tourism had fallen dramatically and there were fears that they could be heading for the summer season from hell. I usually go to Mahon but on this occasion I went to Cuidadella. The first thing that struck me was that there were plenty of British tourists about and the shops were offering some good souvenirs; infact they have a whole range of quality items which are reasonably priced which catch your eye. I was told that because Minorca relies so heavily on British tourism shops, restaurants and bars have reduced their prices. This was a very sensible move and it appears to be working because there are tourists about. Minorca is ofcourse famous for its great cheese so there is plenty to take away. What can Majorca learn from its sister island? That with a imagination you can still be successful. Minorca has been forced to adapt to market conditions and perhaps Majorca could follow their lead and establish a line of quality souvenirs. The issue of price is also important. It might be an idea if Majorcan businesses also reduced their prices; loyal tourists would appreciate it.