By Jason Moore

RECENT opinions in the Spanish media have suggested that the left-wing coalition which governs the islands at the moment will be ejected from power at the next local elections and replaced by the centre-right Partido Popular who could win an overall majority. You have to remember that the Partido Popular has been tarnished over recent months involving corruption allegations against some of its key members when they were in power from 2003 to 2007.

The former leader of the Balearics and head of the Partido Popular, Jaume Matas, has been charged with a whole series of offences including mis-using public funds. But it doesn´t appear to have dented the Partido Popular´s popularity with the voters. Infact, now that their team has been reshaped, they appear more popular than ever. There is still a year to go before the next local elections but I have always suspected that most people in the Balearics would be ready to overlook the “few bad apples” for a return to a centre-right government. The socialists of Balearic leader Francesc Antich are having a hard time as a result of the recession which is quite normal. The opinion polls say that the majority of Balearic voters are not impressed with Antich and his government and I can understand why.