By Jason Moore

I feel sorry for Spanish farmers. They have been falsely accused of spreading E.coli in their cucumbers and now the European Union is not willing to increase their compensation offer. The German government should be digging deep into their pockets to repair the damage. During the scare I bet that most people thought twice before eating a piece of cucumber.

There were even fears that the whole scare could hit tourism to Spain as tourists were deeply concerned about Spanish food stuffs. The damage to the country and its agriculture industry is enormous and someone should pay. The German authorities you should realise that you can´t make allegations if you are not aware of all the facts. Certain agricultural areas of Spain are unlikely to recover from the scare for many years to come. Yesterday, farmers who have seen the price of cucumber fall dramatically were giving away their crops for free. They claim that it is simply useless trying to sell them. Exports have also been severely damaged. I think the only way forward is for the Spanish government to intervene at the highest level and underline the quality of Spanish fruit and vegetables. If you go to your supermarket these ideas I am always amazed that there is fruit and vegetables from across the globe. The Spanish government should help farmers by promoting Spanish food stuffs and also talking to supermarkets so that Spanish is first rather than imports from outside the European Unilon.