Andrea Bocelli/ Elton John concert
I read Jim Wallace's letter with some surprise. I didn't realise that dinosaurs were not extinct after all !! I remember some years ago that the opera singer Montserrat Caballé recorded a song called Barcelona with Freddy Mercury and Queen.
It may not have been everybody's choice but it was good music and that's what counts.
Bocelli is certainly a good singer but Elton John is also a brilliant musician.
His work is mostly pop but he can play classical piano and is an extremely competent composer.
Frankly, he is almost certainly more gifted than Bocelli and I write that as a lover of both classical and some pop music.
I, for one, would love to be able to hear that concert and I don't think Jim Wallace should rush to judgement but should hear for himself and THEN, if he so wishes, he could give us the benefit of his opinions.


Barry Emmott
Middlesex, UK