Dear Sir,

COMMENTING on Ray Fleming's Sunday story of two men. Do we want a presidential style leader, or one who listens to his cabinet colleagues and the elected members of Parliament?

It seems as if Ray Fleming is advocating dictatorship with a leader pushing his own ideas. We need more ministers taking greater responsibility and playing a greater role in government.

People seem to vote for the leader of the party rather than the party's manifesto.
Look where leadership has got us to lately!

Yours sincerely, Robin Musters

Dear Sir,

RAY Fleming, in his usual anti-Tory mode, portrays Gordon Brown as a tough minded politician, while David Davis, by contrast, as a weak and shallow one for “deserting” his post after the debate on the 42 day internment question. However, Mr Fleming omits to say that he won only by the devious means of “bribing” the NINE members of Northern Ireland's D.U.P. party that alone gave Brown his victory.

Mr Davis, on the other hand has demonstrated that his appeal to his constituents will ensure that the general public supports his opposing view, and indeed in a straw poll conducted it was shown that over sixty per cent will vote for him to return as their member, possibly with a greater majority than hitherto.

Brown though, has not the guts to put up a candidate against Mr Davis, so much for a tough -minded P.M. who once again has shown his ability to duck almost any decision that may imply dissatisfaction with this dysfunctional Government, still languishing in the polls some twenty points behind the resurgent Tories.

Yours Sincerely, Phil Green, El Toro