Dear Sir,

I seldom watch the TV program Click about the latest technology which I struggle to understand just like University Challenge where I can barely understand the questions never mind the answers. This morning I chanced on it discussing the latest development in Play Stations which my grandchildren use to play the most sophisticated video games and about the rivalry between Sony and Microsoft over their latest models. What interested me was that the program confirmed something I have suspected for years – price differentiation between the US, Europe and the UK. Although each model had a different price the price of each specific brand appeared the “same” for each market such that in the US the price was $399 it was also 399 in Europe (but in €s) and also 399 in Britain (but in £s). This is typical of many other products. So if you buy here you pay a 37% premium and in the UK 57% extra ,than I do by buying via a friend's address in the US ,where he will mail the goodies on to me.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma
Dear Sir,

With reference to Chris Strickland's letter regarding taxis, it appears there have been many incidences with the Soller and Fornalutx ‘taxistas'. Whilst chatting to my friend about this last week, she told me a story of her parents who were visiting last summer. Both in their 70s, and in the August heat, waited ONE HOUR at the taxi rank in Soller. When finally a taxi turned up, they got into the taxi and asked to be taken to Biniaraix. About a minute later, the driver had a call (the couple don't speak Spanish so don't know exactly what it was, but clearly a better and more lucrative offer) and asked them to get out. She dumped them in Soller, not even at the taxi rank, just on the street! One option was going to the back of the queue, at the taxi rank, but they decided it would be quicker walking up to Biniaraix, bearing in mind this was the end of the day and they were exhausted and just wanted to get back. Is this not illegal? Are taxis not obliged to take you where you want? Not just the longer journeys which they will get more money for?

It is disgusting behaviour and not the way to treat anyone, even more so an elderly couple who were obviously hot and tired and needed to get home. Do these drivers not have any compassion? Surely, this should be a prerequisite if you're working with the public? It's a pity it has come to this. The only thing they're interested in is their own pocket. Depressing stuff.

Sarah Kenyon