By Jason Moore

I think tourist resorts across Majorca can learn many lessons from Puerto Pollensa, which I think, is one of the nicest places on the island. I know every year we get complaints about the port from visiting tourists but perhaps they should visit other parts of Majorca, they would be truly shocked! Puerto Pollensa, has managed to find the right balance; it attracts thousands of tourists every year but at the same time you don´t feel crowded, bar and restaurant staff are polite and helpful and the scenic beauty of the area has not been ruined. Many of the resorts in other parts of the island have become far too busy, with far too many bars and restaurants offering the same thing. I don´t think any family with small children in their right mind would go on holiday to the Playa de Palma or Magalluf. Now, I know these resorts are not known as “family destinations” and I congratulate the Calvia council on their efforts to clean-up Magalluf, but they still have to a long way to go. I would say that it is almost impossible to have a quiet, leisurely, walk along the promenade in the Playa de Palma without being shocked, at the behaviour of some German tourists. I think you can safely say the same thing about Magalluf. I know some people will say that this is the beauty of Majorca, it has something for everyone. But I would call on the tourist industry to look at Puerto Pollensa. Some may say it is old fashioned and boring but you will find it is packed with tourists.