By Jason Moore A policy too far for Spain? Spain is effectively split at the moment over the issue of gay marriage. In the blue corner you have the Partido Popular and the Catholic Church, in the red corner there is the socialist government and all its supporters. This weekend there is a “pro-family” march organised by the PP and Church through the streets of Madrid which aims to fire a broadside across the bows of Prime Minister Rodriguez Zapatero. In Palma on Tuesday one of Zapatero's key ministers, Jose Bono, was forced to defend the same-sex marriage proposal yet again. It's quite amazing that while the rest of Europe is talking about Europe Spain is talking gay-union. I just think that Zapatero has gone too far on this issue. While I understand that he wants Spain to be an ultra-modern democracy I think it is perhaps too early for Spain which has enjoyed its present democratic system for just 25 years. While it is a perfectly good policy which perhaps would be good for Spain I think far too much energy and parliamentary time is being spent on the issue. The march this weekend will attract thousands of people and will cause much debate and controversy. But at the same time there are far more pressing issues which require the attention of the Spanish government and opposition. Europe is just one of them. Spain has plenty at stake if the European budget is not approved and if the European constitution is scrapped Spain's referendum will have been for nothing. Now is not the time for a major confrontation between the Church, opposition and the government. Shelve the idea temporarily, get all party support and then push ahead with the bill again when and if the crisis in Europe is resolved. Zapatero has far greater concerns at the moment.