By Jason Moore

YOU get the impression that some of our principal tourist resorts are becoming “lawless areas” where petty crime, loutish behaviour, excesssive drinking and lots more, are becoming a day-to-day occurence. In the Playa de Palma, I have seen young tourists heading to the beach with enough booze for a battalion, all in glass bottles. As I mentioned in this space yesterday, you can´t have an evening stroll along the promenade because it is littered with tourists drinking lethal cocktails of alcohol through straws out of plastic buckets. Surely this has to be illegal? If you walk along the promenade in Arenal, early morning, you would be shocked at the tons of discarded rubbish on the beach. It is time for the local authorities to act and restore some order, before tourists start going elsewhere. I do not want to be seen as a kill joy but enough is enough. The prostitutes which have become infamous in Magalluf, have now moved into Arenal, as well. The local government has appealed to the central government to change the law and give the local police more powers, so that they can act against the rising lawlessness in our principal resorts. The clock is ticking and action is needed right away. Majorca, has always been a family holiday destination but this state of affairs is being put at risk by this wave of crime and bad behaviour. It is a great shame that a fantastic island like Majorca, is rapidly becoming plagued by problems in our principal resorts.