By Jason Moore WELL it just had to be! I am convinced that England will get Germany in the next round of the World Cup; it's a sort of tradition! But leaving all things football to one side, the possibility that England will play Germany could open up some major problems for the island. Calvia's world cup security arrangements, which only extend to Magalluf and Palmanova, could be really tested as Calvia is not only popular with the British, literally thousands of Germans go there on holiday as well. At the moment, I believe that Calvia, is the only tourist municipality on the island which has a World Cup security operation in action although I am told that security in other resorts has been increased. As far as Majorca is concerned this match could have some important security implications and I believe that it is best to be prepared. England could get Ecuador in the second round, but I sincerely doubt it, it's got to be Germany in what could be one of the major games so far this World Cup. England fans are being exceptionally well behaved and it must be noted that so far the only people to be arrested are German and Polish fans who were involved in street battles before their clash earlier this week. There is plenty of time to organise a security operation for this match and it might be a good idea if the local authorities started planning now, before it is too late.