Dear Sir, I HAVE read, with some amusement, Mr. David Lee's letter in today's paper.
Mr. Lee would benefit from looking up words like “holistic” and “parochial” before mis–applying them. He should also take his own advice and write factually, and leave out the rhetoric and all the ”in” catchphrases. If he then removes his own blinkers and rereads his own letter, he will find that he actually supports Ray Fleming's viewpoint.

He has made an excellent case showing the misapplication of force (from a “holistic” viewpoint of course).
P.S: Mr. Lee should (for his own sake) try to define a ”terrorist government/country”. And (to support his stated viewpoint) he ought to try to leave out the definitions that include (for example) USA, Europe (where many countries have a history of terrorising other people) and Israel.

Yours Martin Bull, Puerto Soller
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Dear Sir, I was saddened and dismayed by Ray Fleming's leader in Wednesday's edition of the Bulletin, and his rant at the appointment of Tony Blair as Middle East Envoy. Although never a supporter of Blair, I cannot but feel that this initiative, endorsed by the Quartet group of the USA, Russia, the EU and Mr Fleming's beloved and paragonesque United Nations, might well represent a positive step towards finding the ways and means of resolving the political problems of the region, despite the fact that it has been in turmoil for a thousand years.

I would have hoped that Mr Fleming, notwithstanding his deep rooted antipathy towards Blair, could have shown a more positive reaction to the appointment. The old adage of nothing ventured, nothing gained clearly comes to mind.

Yours faithfully Stuart Allan, Majorca