Dear Sir,

All Earth Scientists (including Petroleum Engineers like myself) know that climate changes globally – it is major factor in the study of Geology. Currently it is warming.

1400 0 years ago the Arctic ice cap had reached Manchester and started to retreat.
It still is.
Ice melts at 0C so if we take the maximum summer temperature now in Manchester at 20C there has been a degree increase about every 700 years.
In Friday's Viewpoint Ray Fleming predicts a 4C increase in the next 10 years. If this continues Mancunians will be boiling at 100F (38C) by 2056 and be giving Majorca a miss. If this rate of increase does occur it will be easy to measure and will blow my arguments sky high like the volcanoes in Iceland or Chile.

I believe that although fossil fuels do add to the problem and that they should be replaced in a practical/economic manner in reality they are a minor cause of the problem which the monstrous Forces of Nature puts way beyond Man's control.

I am drafting a letter of abject apology to Ray for June 2021 when Manchester should be at a balmy 75F every day.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma