WHATEVER Mr Fleming would like to happen (“Another Flotilla” MJB June 20th) no flotilla, whether it is crewed by men, women, children or chimpanzees, will break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. And the reasons are these: Hamas has stated publicly it is in a state of war with Israel - and Jews all over the world for the matter.

lsrael instituted its blockade - which is legitimate within the rules of war - only after Hamas had fired over 9, 500 rockets and mortar shells indiscriminately into Israeli towns and villages.

It became their only alternative after the Israeli navy, acting on a tip-off, stopped a ship whose manifest claimed it was carrying harmless mechanical spare parts, when in fact it was found to be carrying thousands of tons of arms of all kinds.

But if you are so serious about getting the blockade lifted Mr Fleming, I suggest you start campaigning for Hamas to recognise the State of Israel: declare that they will never fire another rocket into the Jewish State and that they are immediately going to return the kidnapped corporal Shalitte. The blockade will then cease. I guarantee it.

This of course would leave you having to think of another reason to attack and vilify Israel - maybe for it being the only democratic state in the area, or for its adamant refusal to chop people's limbs off, or to flog and hang them.

You could even get up on your high horse about them having the affrontery to give women equal status, something so despised by your Arab friends. That could give you plenty to be going on with. But on the whole, maybe you are better off with the blockade.

Sincerely, David Lee