I feel I must write to you today before I leave the island to return home. Last night, I was privileged to attend a concert at Bellver Castle given by the senior students from the Conservatori Superior de Musica de les Illes Balears.

I cannot say when I enjoyed a concert more. The professionalism and high standard of musicianship of these young players was first class.
Their conductor, Salvador Mas knew exactly how to get the best from his musicians - and the responsibility of the soloist Marc Alomar in the Elgar cello concerto was remarkable. I predict this young man has a great future on the world's musical stage.

If this is the standard of musicianship produced by the island's Conservatori, then Majorca can be very proud.
Thank you to all concerned.
Brian M.Griffiths, Illetas


RAY Fleming in the Daily Bulletin decries the recent Israeli air force exercises as a threat to Iran. So far so good.
He then somehow conflates those exercises with President Bush which seems a stretch in that the only reason Mr. Fleming is aware of the training exercises is because the US administration leaked news about them. Most analysts believe this was done to forestall an Israeli attack. But common sense or restraint are not qualities for which Ray Fleming is known if the name George Bush can be bashed. Ray's blind obsessive hatred of the American president must be greater burden to all who have to deal with him than to those who have the option, or not, of reading his bile. Of course, many simply giggle at his silliness.

Ralph McGaughey, Boston, MA USA