By Jason Moore

BETTER late than never! At last squatters have been removed from the spiritual home of our one and only first division football side, Real Mallorca. For the last decade the Luis Sitjar stadium has been a complete eyesore, the stands and the pitch had been shamefully allowed to rot and wither and squatters had moved in. Nothing was done. It is quite incredible that Mallorca or even its fans allowed the Luis Sitjar to get into this state. It looks as if nothing has been done to the Luis Sitjar since Mallorca moved to its new home at the Son Moix a decade ago. Earlier this week the city council finally took action and removed the squatters who had been living in the stadium for some time.

Real Mallorca have plans to redevelop the site and move back to the Luis Sitjar because the fans have never really liked the Son Moix, possibly as a result of the running track which acts as a buffer between supporters and the pitch. Thankfully, this sad chapter in the history of Real Mallorca is coming to end and I sincerely hope that the Luis Sitjar is never again allowed to get into this state. I think it is a good idea if Real Mallorca does return to its spiritual home and the plans for the redevelopment look quite spectacular. A local football team should have their base in the city centre not out on an industrial estate. But to finance the redevelopment Mallorca needs plenty of cash. The local club is still in administration and finding backers will be no easy task.