By Jason Moore

THE European Union dream is in tatters as a direct result of the financial crisis and there are some who believe that the single currency could disappear by the end of the year. There are important splits in Europe with even the Germans saying that they have paid enough. They have a point.

The so-called sickmen of Europe, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland have squandered the billions of euros from Brussels and are now demanding more money to help sort out their financial mess.

This could be a turning point for the European dream but I do believe that the world needs a strong European Union. The EU has its faults but it is the only way forward for Europe especially as the strength of China and India continues to gather pace. Europe needs to negotiate with the United States with a single voice rather than each state “doing their own thing.” Let´s face it, the last thing Europe´s competitors want is a strong European Union. United there is a strong chance that Europe can become an international powerhouse but if it is divided then the future is bleak. Europe needs to weather the storm and forget ideas of abandoning the euro. The southern European states need to start paying their way but Europe must continue as one.