I'VE commented on different occasions about this subject and reading the Bulletin it would appear that nothing has changed. The prices this year for food, drink, car hire etc appear to have increased.

I've never seen a Majorca advert on TV and the general interest by the people in charge seems rather pathetic to say the least.
Bearing in mind the Islands rely on tourism for their income I find it utterly astounding.

Why is the season so short?
Not only short but it appears to be getting shorter! Hotels in the UK work hard all year round to encourage customers. On Majorca this to me explains the high prices. I don't think that you have to have a degree in economics to see that it's terribly difficult in a business to cover a years overheads in a short period.

Until the island can open longer then its downfall in a way will be self fulfilling. Less flights, less customers. Oh and by the way I haven't seen any movement on the stupid holiday letting system.

Just total apathy by those in charge, Disgraceful.
Stuart Allsop