By Jason Moore

During the winter months there is a major shortage of flights to the island from Britain. This winter it was a quite scandalous situation with no direct flights to Scotland.

Thankfully the situation has improved and we are now almost spoilt for choice. But there is a small problem;the price. I was shocked yesterday when I searched various websites for flights to Britain; a return fare in the first week in August can cost up to 250 euros and this is with a no-frills airline. Have I missed something? Are the days of cheap air travel over? Now, I have never been lucky enough to discover a flight for one euro, I haven't got the patience to wait up into the early hours for these super-cheap flights. But I think that 250 euros is rather excessive. It means that you think twice about making a trip to Britain especially with these prices.

Now, I understand that the airlines are having a difficult time and that oil prices continue to be at record levels, but at the same time in Britain you can buy an inclusive package holiday for a 10-day break in Majorca including flights for about 250 euros! It reminds me of when I travelled to Britain on an assignment for this newspaper to find a cheap package holiday to the island. The 7-day break at a two-star hotel in Majorca cost less than half the price of a schedule air ticket from Palma to London. The airlines must resolve their pricing because if they continue like this, I think many people will think twice about a London trip.