Dear Sir, PARIS and London we hear are rivals for the Olympics. Some years ago, we were staying with friends in the Dordogne. We were surrounded by tobacco fields and in the middle, a curing factory. I asked about this, as I was hardly likely as a medical man to encourgae such enterprise. I was told that this was a new crop which was subsidised by the French Government. When I asked if this helped the manufacture of Gaulloises cigarettes. I was astonished to hear tht it was the wrong sort of tobacco ... and further that it was exported to Africa. Of course, this was not helpful to tobacco growers from that continent, and should one encourage the inhabitants to smoke when they could neither afford the cigarettes and certainly not the treatment of any resulting diseases. I am not a politician, and my pills are neither red, green or blue, everybody gets fair treatment. I hear that the EU is arguing about farm subsidies and the British rebate. Given the above situation, is it not adding insult to injury to ask African athletes to meet in Paris?

George Giri, Mancor del Valle