By Jason Moore

REGULAR readers of this space will know that I feel very strongly about two issues; the need for shops in Palma to have more flexible opening times and the “useless green certificate” which has replaced our residence cards. The new Balearic leader Jose Ramon Bauza promised during the election campaign to do all in his power to try and rid us of the “green piece of paper” and bring back our traditional cards. I will do all in my power to try and hold the new President to his election pledge. Now, obviously this is a matter for the central administration in Madrid but Bauza can use his power and influence to try and mediate on our behalf. Infact the pledge formed part of the election manifesto of the Partido Popular which this newspaper published in its election issue in April. Now, I know that Bauza has only been in office for a few weeks, but a promise is a promise and I would like to see some action on this front sooner rather than later. It is an issue which all non-Spanish Europeans feel stongly about.