By Jason Moore THE respected Institute of International Affairs said in a report this week that the British authorities did not fully appreciate the al Qaeda threat. This statement coupled with the fact that the British intelligence services, two weeks before the London bombings, said that Britain was not at threat clearly shows that there is something very wrong with the people charged with protecting Britain. The Institute of International Affairs also said that that the security services had been busy watching Irish Republican Terrorists and had turned their back on Al Qaeda. So four years after September 11 and Britain's invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and Britain's spooksare not watching Al Qaeda. I find this absolutely scandalous and I sincerely hope that we will be seeing a whole series of resignations at the top of MI5, SIS, Special Branch, the anti-terrorist branch, Scotland Yard, GCHQ, Army Intelligence, and every other special unit that uses the remainder of the alphabet to describe itself and who are all charged with keeping Britain safe. There are many unanswered questions about the London bombings and I do believe that there should be a full investigation. Enough is enough. From dodgy dossiers, to failed intelligence to looking the other-way; just what is going on? The fact that the Spanish police were despatched just hours after the attacks, because of their knowledge of Islamic extremists, clearly underlines the fact that Britain's security services are not prepared to deal with the on-going war on terrorism. It's just not good enough. The people of London had been expecting an attack of this kind since September 11, 2001. It is a rather sad state of affairs to learn that the only people who apparently didn't believe it, were the security services themselves.