By Humphrey Carter

An emergency British passport now costs 116 euros. Why? Yesterday, the British Embassy in Spain issued a warning to all expatriates to make sure their passports are in order or up to date because “letting your passport expire can cost more than you think”. Why again?

I have not got the facts, but I would be pretty confident in claiming that British passports must be some of the most expensive in the world and considering, you have to do all the work yourself, including paying for secure courier services etc. I think it is a rip off.

In the good old days, the British Consulate would be the first port of call when renewing a passport and the staff would gladly help provide the documents etc.

Now, it is all DIY online, which for the elderly is not always practical and easy - especially as ten pages come belching out of the printer! Here in Spain, new passports cost next to nothing, why are British passports so expensive?