By Jason Moore ONCE again what was sadly missing after the Palmanova bombing last week was information. Within hours of the attack the story was headline news across Europe in the international media; the 24 hour TV channels were full of reports of the bombing but at no time did the Balearic government try to get the important message across that the “island was still a safe place for holidays and there was no danger.” I was told that when the airport was closed on Thursday passengers were given little or no information as to why the decision was taken. Infact, it made them pretty angry. The Balearics desperately needs to get its message across in Europe, especially in Germany and Britain. There was no 24 hour press service giving the international media the necessary information which led to some speculation. This has happened many times before. It wouldn´t have hurt the Balearic President or even the local minister for tourism to appear on Sky News, BBC News 24 or even some of the German TV channels to give their side of the story. Much of the island´s tourism revenue comes from Germany and Britain and it is vital that tourists from the two countries have the necessary information and know exactly what was happening.