Dear Sir,

IT is not surprising that many of your readers are noticing dramatic increases in charges for everything from car hire to food, but it is depressing. There are two ways one can deal with a recession in the short term: lower prices to try and bring in more customers, or raise them for a remaining smaller number of customers. Sadly, after decades of plenty, many Majorca businesses are selfishly employing the latter method. This is desperately short-sighted as it alienates existing customers and drives away potential new ones. €3.50 for a cup of coffee, €6.10 for two very small bottles of water. ‘Yes, Mr Greedy, some people will pay what you demand, this summer, but many will never come back and those of us who spend time here and who have kept you in comfort for the past few decades may sell up and move to somewhere cheaper'. I hope you are passing the letters you receive to the Majorca tourist authorities who should be doing everything possible to persuade traders to lower or at least hold prices. They need to be told what is happening out there!

Jay D'Arcy, UK and Majorca

Dear Sir, Pt Andratx Town Council Infrastructure plans

WHILST the Port Andratx infrastructure plans are commendable, the scale is excessive. Local shop keepers and restaurateurs should be aware that taking €40m out of the economy will impact directly on their businesses. Overseas and Spanish mainland owners have been hit by the trebling of hire car charges, reduced incomes at home and now this major bill. It will impact directly on non essential spending. If these plans proceed, then local tradesmen will feel it directly in their pockets. They need to lobby the Town Hall now.

Charles Clark, Port Andratx