Dear Sir,

I read with interest your viewpoint yesterday on price control.
Your comments really struck a chord with me as, the evening before I was out for an evening stroll in Puerto Andratx with my girlfriend and our dog and we thought it would be a pleasant treat to stop and have a couple of cold canyas.

Looking around for a pavement café, we found one in a side street with a cool breeze and ordered a couple of beers. As one beer tends to lead to another, we finally had three each. The service was indifferent, neither good or bad. The beers were standard canyas, probably Estrella or San Miguel, nothing special except the glasses were not very full and more than likely short measures.

We were given a tiny dish of salted peanuts, the dog was not offered any water. Ok, so far normal stuff.
I ordered the bill and…- €26! So, with the obligatory tip, our quick ‘beer' was the best part of €30.
Imagine that? Now it's not that I can't afford it, but this does seem ridiculous for just a few beers. And not even a little tapas! So I totally agree with your sentiments. A Majorca pavement café is now as expensive as a London 5 star hotel only without the service, if not more so.

Stephen G. Smith
Dear Sir, I would like to congratulate Jill Carter on her letter regarding Mr Fleming´s apparent difficulty in distinguishing between the difference of somebody living in a house at the tax payers expense, who has no say in the matter, and in a home that belongs to someone of their family. I was going to, but could not bring myself to try and understand Mr Fleming´s reasoning behind his remarks. I still can't.

Simon Tow

Dear Sir, Jason Moore is right about crazy price increases in Majorca.
We were on holiday in February staying in Palma Nova and noticed food and drink prices had climbed steeply along with prices for meals in restaurants. Majorca is not alone in this. A holiday in France revealed similar increases especially in tourist areas.

We are due to fly out to Cala D'or in September and like many Brits who have been hammered by poor exchange rates, increased flight, car hire and accommodation costs we will be buying our supplies at Mercadona and taking them back to our room rather than patronising rip off joints.

Tourists will vote with their feet and put the greedy out of business.
Phil Bland
West Yorks