By Jason Moore THE Balearic government says that the islands are on course for a record summer season so why are many businesses involving in the undustry moaning about a lack of trade? The local government is forecasting a full recovery in the principle Balearic industry after years of decline. The airport figures, the barometer of the tourist industry, paints a bright and rosy picture; visitors numbers have increased and the hoteliers say that their businesses are enjoying high levels of occupancy. So why the doom and gloom? I have spoken to business owners in the Calvia area who say that July and August were some of the worst they had ever known. I suspect that the problem is that while tourists are coming to the island in large numbers their spending power is limited. Tour firms have been forced to slash their prices in an effort to encourage bookers. In Britain many people spent a sizeable part of their holiday budget buying a new plasma TV for the World Cup. Also, while the local government remains upbeat it mustn't be forgotten that in just a few weeks time the majority of businesses from hotels to restaurants and bars will be closing their doors. The summer season appears to be getting shorter every year and a records number of tourists in the peak months will not alter the overall picture.