Dear Sir,

Whilst most of the island ponders on ways of extending the tourist season, the locals and tourists alike at Porto Cristo were astonished to see council sub-contractors turn up on the PACKED beach last Wednesday to remove the swimming platform which has been moored in the bay this summer.

Events proceeded to take on an almost farce like-scenario as the workers desperately tried to clear the platform of tourists prior to removal, whilst others repeatedly climbed back on to sneak the final dive of the season.

Sadly, commonsense did not prevail and the platform is no more.

Wednesday was very busy with tourists: buses vied for the last spaces in the bus-park, shops were crammed with tourists, and space on the beach was simply not to be found. Who on earth made this decision???

We all know that the season can be expected to last until midway through October, so why send tourists home with the thought that late September is close- up time? Any accountability in local government? I doubt it.


Oliver Cheetham

Porto Cristo


Dear Sir,

Since 2010 we have noticed a significant increase in people leaving the island, but it is not all doom and gloom. Here in Majorca you probably only know whom is leaving, but who knows who is coming? And, do you believe the figures being bandied about? I am not the only mover to this island, but this year we have increased our capacity to Europe’s largest mega trailers, often sending two 105 cubic metre trucks from the UK to Majorca full! And, yes they are often full going back as well. We even have a waiting list for our scheduled service. Anybody who thinks that the island is all doom and gloom has certainly got it wrong! Not everybody works in the tourism industry. The Brit’s are still coming, maybe not as many as years ago and not to your street either.

Bill Webb,