Dear Sir, WHILE sympathising with M. Irving about excessive packaging, there is another side to this, which we can all do something about. The foil wrapping from his butter should go in the yellow recycling bin for containers along with plastic bottles, tins, bricks (drink cartons), yoghurt containers and tins. The cardboard sleeve goes with the paper and cardboard into the blue containers and any bottles into the bottle bank. All of these recyclable items are accepted at San Reus at no charge to the local council. The only charge is for the unsorted household waste for incineration. You can also reuse your plastic bags next time you shop.

Yours sincerely, Robin Musters
Dear Sir, WHEN I was studying Medicine my hospital was St Bartholomews in the City of London. Reputedly the oldest hospital in Europe, it was founded in a monastery where the monks looked after the poor and sick. The year was 1123 AD. Much argument is that it might been going on about building the new Son Dureta. One of the arguments is that it might spoil the ambience being able to give spiritual help to the sick and distressed on their doorstep. I have been here many years and a lot of that time has been spent talking about the new for a new hospital. Having sat on committees in England when planning hospitals it seems clear to me that refurbising Son Dureta will not produce a satisfactory answer for a modern hospital and will cost more money than a new one. That also would mean awful problems for patients. I am of the opinion that there should be no more delays in building the new hospital. The population need it now.

Yours Sincerely, Dr George Gir, Mancor del Valle