By Louis Jones

I have been living and working on Majorca for 12 years now and have had a part of my salary docked at the end of each month to fund Central Government Treasury.

I have never had a satisfactory reply as to why European Union residents or indeed those who do not come from European member states but pay taxes to Madrid, should be able to contribute towards the cost of Spain's administration and infrastructure but not have a say when it comes to electing the ruling political party.

In the aftermath of a general strike when Central Government has prided itself on the support it has given to both sides of the political divide, it remains evidently clear that we are not all equal.

Yes, European Union citizens in the Balearics have the right to the air fare discounts on inter-island and mainland connection flights. (Shouldn't non European Union residents in Spanish Island communities also have them?)
European Union citizens in the Balearics are also allowed to vote in local elections.
Could it be that Central Government simply does not credit non Spaniards with the intelligence to understand the issues at stake in a general election?