I read with interest the article on Rip Off Majorca. You are having a laugh. The cost of living in the UK is becoming unreal. Income tax 40%, VAT 20%, fuel tax, National Insurance, Council Tax over £1500 per annum, car tax over £150, car parking charges, extortianate.

We are sponsoring the Scots who receive many benefits English people don't, such as free Tuition fees, free Hospital parking and most importantly free residential care when elderly without resorting to selling their homes. Just spend a few hours in London, Hotels overpriced and offering poor value for money, car parking £10 per hour, beer in a hotel £5.50 a bottle, need I say more?

The local councils and Government have lost touch with the public and reality and forget that they are there to serve us.
Local Authority waste is rife and The Government sees fit to spend our money on illegal wars and overseas aid to countries like China that are wealthier than we are.

All at a time we are turning people away from Hospital without Cancer drugs. The UK will never progress until we bin the career Politicians that have never actually done a days productive work and whose sole mission is self preservation.

I would suggest that Majorca is way down the league table in the rip off table.
Happy New Year
Alan Wheat
Cala Bona and Sheffield

I am currently in a snowbound England but have been warmed after reading the Bulletin online by the news that Balearic tourism is receiving an injection of 54 million euros. I see there is 10 million for the Playa de Palma project, 12 million for the new TURISTEC, and 20 millions each for the completion of the Conference Centre and also for promoting new tourism (oh no not again).

Wait a minute, that adds up to 62 million euros. That must be some sort of record, 8 million euros gone missing already! So they want to spend 20 million euros, and I quote: “To be invested in promoting the region's alternative and new tourism attractions and activities as opposed to just pushing the region as a sun and sea destination.” Will the Government ever realise that these island's greatest assets are “sun and sea”, so why not promote them.

That is what the majority of people want out of a holiday in the Balearics - don't kid yourself that people want to come to Majorca to listen to concerts at the Costa Nord, go walking in the Tramuntana hills or ogle and Carob trees. What they really want is sun and sea along with food and drink at sensible prices.

That is what made these islands wealthy in the first place, so don't kick it in the teeth anymore ... please.

Ian Morrison
Porto Colom ... but currently in a snow covered Ramsbottom!