Dear Sir,

WE were horrified to see in the Daily Bulletin heading “Refuge still has not obtained necessary licences”, and that the Centro Canino is facing closure again.

We, at the Centro Canino have been in constant contact with Palma Council..... taking their advice, and applying for everything requested.
They in turn have appeared extremely encouraging, and supportive. We have obtained the “Breeding Licence” to meet with their demands.
We already had the Zoological licence, which entitles us to house MANY animals. As per their suggestion, we have applied for a Boarding Kennels licence also.

We have been given absolutely no indication that they were even considering closing the Refuge.!! Before being rescued by us, these poor animals suffered dreadfully and we cannot believe that the Christmas gift from Palma Council will be to drag them from the love and comforts which we give them, and place them on DEATH ROW.

To destroy this beautiful Sanctuary will send a terrible message to the rest of the world, and instil fear in the hearts of all the refuges on the island.

We send warmest Christmas Greetings to everybody. Barbara Henderson.

Dear Sir, WITH reference to the article concerning the centro Canino Internacional, which appeared in the Majorca Daily Bulletin on Sunday, December 23rd. titled “Centro Canino Internacional Facing Closure Again” and “Refuge still has not obtained necessary licences,“ I wish to clarify at least one point, which read; “despite being pointed in the right direction by the council in April, it appears that the licence to operate the kennels was not applied for until September” At all times, we have no choice but to follow the instructions of the administration - council, planning department - which were that the residence licence could only be applied for once the breeders licence was granted. We did this at the earliest possible date, in September.

Due to the complexity of the matter, it is very difficult to explain the process to anyone who is not directly involved, but we would like to convey to your readers, many of whom, I am sure, are concerned about events surrounding the Centro Canino Internacional, that we are doing everything in our power to secure the future of the refuge and the animals in our care.

Yours faithfully, Julia Ford
(vice president, Centro Canino Internacional)