l  I  would encourage people to help in bringing more culture - art exhibitions, theatre in English, and more unique festivals. I also think that Majorca will eventually become a leading tourist destination for environment and vegan tourists...so much can be done here!
l  Winter flights/holidays from the North East, don’t close it down !
l  Control the number of  all inclusive hotels.
l   Yes, definitely more flights during the Winter. Stop car hire companies ripping customers off with additional insurance (which often costs almost as much again as the rental cost) - and the obligatory full tank of fuel cost.
l  Put the East Coast on the map. The island is bigger than Calvia and Alcudia/Pollensa. The authorities need to be looking at how to bring more to the East of the island.
l  More flights, less all inclusive hotels, more cultural street entertainment!
l I  have to agree with most people´s comments. Flights during the Winter, look at how to reduce all inclusive (as all the small shops and restaurants need people to buy off them) and dare I say this “ appeal to more than the bucket and spade tourists”. I remember when the Majorca Daily Bulletin about 10 years ago went on about all-inclusive would hurt the small shops...
l   The government should go and find a world class marketing manager and be prepared to spend some money on marketing, rather than to promote tourism ministers from local politicians. We all know Majorca is a fantastic place with plenty to offer many different groups of tourists all year round, If your product is strong, but you aren’t selling it, then it is your marketing that needs revamping.
l  Cheaper Winter flights definitely. I can fly from Manchester to Moscow at the end of March for £138 for two people and the same date to Palma is £246!
l Lower regulations taxes and stop the insane practice of fining legitimate businesses forcing them out of business while allowing illegal businesses to thrive. Get more community outreach from police and town hall. In short encourage investment and work together as a community to solve all problems. Surely the Mayor can bring us all together to truly reach Majorca’s fantastic potential.
l  My family and I came out yesterday - ok New Year´s Day  not everyone’s cup of tea - for less than 30 pounds  each. I d say there was no more than 20 on our flight.
l   From the Majorca side the work season is shorter, hotels need to be open all season, cut down on all inclusive holidays. Majorca is a beautiful island Winter and Summer. From the British side of  it the only place to fly from is Stansted not good for the people up north.
l  Make street prostitution illegal and get rid of the illegal street vendors/flower sellers/drug dealers. Reduce the.number of all inclusive hotels
l They can start by increasing the minimum wage which I believe is either the lowest or amongst the lowest in Europe.