By Jason Moore IT'S slightly comical really or it would be if the issue wasn't so serious. Last weekend a group of people gathered outside the Balearic government HQ to protest against corruption in the light of the alleged planning scandal in Andratx, at the same time and just up the road a rival demonstration was taking place to protest at the protest which was taking place at the government HQ! It was all on party lines; the people outside government HQ were allegedly supporters of opposition parties who have been accused of using the Andratx scandal as a pre-election strike on the ruling Partido Popular. Meanwhile, the people up the road, so to speak, were supporters of the Partido Popular who were protesting at the opposition parties allegedly using the Andratx scandal for their own political means! Yes, the countdown to the local elections has already started and I think you can safely say that there will be plenty of fun and games. But let us not forget that despite all the political fighting what has allegedly happened in Andratx is a very serious state of affairs and everyone involved from the local government, to opposition parties should forget about party politics and concentrate on the facts which are pretty serious and deserve plenty of attention. Sometimes there are far more important issues, than just politics.