Holiday Rentals
Dear Sir,
 Regarding your letter of 6  May from Jim Anderson concerning holiday rentals, for many years we have allowed our friends to share our apartment in return for a contribution to our not inconsiderable running costs.
Over the years, like us, they have grown older and can no longer  cope with our stairs.
Due to the complexity of the letting laws, we understand that we can rent but we cannot advertise. Hence, we have no visitors. Visitors who, in previous years, contributed substantially to the local economy.
This year, due to storms and a rogue insurance company, we have had to spend an extra 5000 Euros on our apartment and, on a limited pension, we cannot go on like this. We pay all our taxes and are very willing to be inspected and to buy a rental licence for the property.
Incidentally, friends in Santa Ponsa faced with a similar situation, are selling up after many years of renting and other friends with young children, who have rented Majorcan villas on the island in the past are now going to mainland Spain as it is so much cheaper.
 When will the Majorcan authorities come to their senses and realise the damage they are doing to the island? When we used to come to Majorca with our young children, we never even considered staying in a hotel, all inclusive or not, because self catering was perfect for our needs.
Every euro of rental income has always been ploughed back into the property to improve it and enhance the facilities that we can offer- if we were allowed to.
 Please consider the long term effects of current policies.

Name and address supplied