Dear Sir,
MAGALLUF - Surely the answer is to arrest both prostitutes and their pimps, and any other criminals from their countries. Fine them. Then deport them. With strict control of any possibility of returning to the island.
PORTALOO - I doubt these dangerous uncontrolled cyclists, will QUEUE for the use of just TWO Portaloo’s.
ALL INCLUSIVES - “Why go out?” My experience of “all inclusive hotels” is their food is inferior. Their drink is inferior. There are now restrictions (certain times) when both all inclusive meals, and their ‘drinks’, are available.
Would you ring a restaurant, book a table, and pay for your meals before you go to that restaurant? Would you complain if the food you have pre-paid for, is of a poor quality? It has to be international buffet style, not really appealing to all the pre-paying guests. Would you pay for a poor quality meal, that you pre-booked, and paid for several months, before attending that hotel?
THAT IS ALL INCLUSIVE - to date. The Bars and Restaurants/Cafe’s, may serve meals that are repetitive, but they will be more palatable, and you have the options to return a meal, and not pay for it. That is why you should go out, and support the self employed local businesses. you should try to book room only, bed and breakfast, or at worst ,half board. But, and this is another all inclusive condition when booking a hotel. The afore mentioned tariffs are no longer available or, they are available, but at a higher price, than the all inclusive prices. Therefore tourists book all inclusive--’ cos it’s a cheaper deal forced upon their guests.
WINTER - What will next winter bring? More flights, more hotels open!, more attractions for Majorca? Idoubt it. The Minister for Tourism, will have achieved nothing--as usual.
 Yours faithfully,