Dear Sir,
I’ve read the articles regarding:
 Cyclists terror in Andraitx
Apparently once you disguise your self in a cyclist outfit every normal behaviour fades away and even self respect.
As described in former articles they also do not take any notice of the traffic laws: driving next to each other on narrow roads, coming downhill at speeds that is not expected by drivers coming from the opposite direction and creating a lot of disbelief. All this together with rudeness versus other lane or road users.
The rule in Belgium anyway is once you are with x cyclists you need to:

Have the permission to drive on the road and not the cyclist path.
At the rear end of  the group a special car is required.
At the front a leader who takes care of the traffic and guides the group.

Of course also in Belgian no one respects that and the police prefer to book people who drive 52kms instead of  50 kms.
Saying that Local Police and Guardia Civil should fine this way of practicing their “sport” and at a rate of 90 but doubling it.
Please also respect the normal tourist who comes for beautiful views, peace, quiet, local flavours and authenticity.
But this type of tourist is more and rare and in fact, not taken notice off.

I can understand that the crime rate in this area is a big problem and understand the decent people living, working or by mistake book there. Sorry but if you are going to places like Punta Ballena where on the left side the Germans sit and on the right side British, both looking to drink as much as possible, to live at night, having sex the most often as possible with who ever, well my friend this place attacks crime and unsocial behaviour from locals, immigrants but also tourists.  I cannot believe you book Magalluf for a normal, quite holiday without risk of being robbed each hour of the day.We have been coming to Majorca for the last 27 years in a place that corresponds with what we want.  If people feel attracted to Magalluf fine for them, but they know what to expect and luckily do not spread themselves in other parts of the island.
 Yours sincerely
Mike Lammers