All Inclusive Hotels in Majorca
Dear Sir,
I have a suggestion to try and combat the rise of hoteliers moving their establishments to the A/INCL model.
Bring in a Minimum Standard of facilities required before a hotel can be considered suitable to change their status to an A/INCL Hotel.
At the present time it appears all they require to do to become an A/INCL Hotel is to offer 3 meals a day and drinks for 12 hours per day
I suggest the following:
- Hotel must provide choice of restaurants
- Hotel must provide several bars/lounges
- Hotel must provide a range of facilities (such as kids play area/entertainment/family room etc etc)
The idea being that not just any old hotel to change to A/INCL basis. Before doing so they would require to upgrade/update their establishment. In other words they would be required to spend money out before being given a A/INCL licence for their hotel.
There is a place in the market for such establishments however they should show a willingness to upgrade. Before they are given the right to become an A/INCL PROPERTY.
Kind regards
Brian O’Rourke, Peterhead, Scotland

Seat belt law
Dear Sir,
I am writing to the Bulletin because I am rather concerned about the law here on seat belts on coaches/buses using the motorway.
I live in Puerto Pollensa and go to Palma frequently. All through the winter months we have had a coach service with seat belts but now, obviously because there are more people, the company have put on the “bendy bus”. It has no provision at all for seat belts and has no protection in any way for anyone should there be an accident on the motorway. In fact each seat has a very low back topped with a rounded metal bar, just face height, which I think is highly dangerous. I understand that the law here is different to the UK but to me makes no sense when you are told that we must wear seat belts in a car. I suppose an accident will have to happen when “lessons will be learnt”.
Yours faithfully,
Julia Talmage, Puerto Pollensa

New Traffic Laws
Dear Sir,
On Sunday morning on leaving Pto Pollensa from the aeroplane roundabout I happened upon a wee old man on a bicycle in the bicycle lane. Under the new law I should leave a distance of a minimum of 1.5 metres when passing him but this would involve me crossing a solid white line which is against the law. It seems to me, I have three options:
1) To leave a space of less than 1.5 metres when passing him or
2) To cross a solid white line in the middle of the road or
3) To follow him for about 20 minutes at a speed of 5kph collecting an enormous queue of traffic behind me.
Could someone advise me on the correct course of action?
Alister Bottomley, Puerto Pollensa

Road verges
Dear Sir,
I would like to applaud the local council in our area of Alcudia and the North for allowing the roads and byways to remain beautiful with wild flowers throughout the Spring. What a joy, instead of the usual scorched earth sprayed with toxic herbicides. The council have since strimmed the verges, but kindly left the poppies. I have seen the tourists taking photo’s, so it has been appreciated.
Tessa Foster