THE Balearic Ministry for Tourism was sticking to their line yesterday that we are on course for a record summer season despite everyone asking;where are the tourists? It is amazing how the local ministry for tourism often contradicts what is being said by the tour firms. I am told that the island won´t start getting busy until the middle or end of June. But the local ministry for tourism disagrees. Now, one of the reasons why tourism to the Balearics is said to be down, is the World Cup. People want to stay at home and watch the games rather than going on holiday. But yet again, Majorca has missed a golden opportunity and scored an own goal. Why didn´t the local authorities launch a campaign calling on tourists to watch the World Cup in the sun. "Enjoy your holiday and don´t miss a single game." It could have been a campaign which could have been rolled out in Germany and England and even France, Italy and mainland Spain. Turn the World Cup into a holiday festival. With abit of PR and promotion I am sure that it would have worked. But unfortunately, imagination is sadly lacking. I don´t know what has happened whether complacency has set-in or someone, somewhere doesn´t think we need promotion anymore. It is a terrible shame. Majorca does need promotion and it does need to show that it is at the top of its game. Unfortunately, this season looks as if it is going out in the group stages and Greece is going all the way.