OVER the last month Ihave been taking a greater interest in the European elections and have come to the conclusion that Britain doesn’t take the EU seriously. "We don’t play the game," one retired senior diplomat told me recently. "We don’t look for concesus with other parties and nations,"he told me. Then there was the Conservative Member of the European Parliament whose rhetoric was exactly the same as Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). He said that he wanted Britain out, eventhough he was standing for re-election as an MEP. And then there was our very own MEP, Rosa Estaras, who warned that Britain needed Europe in the same way as Europe needed Britain. Britain appears to be lost in Europe. I wish it would find itself. I sincerely wish there was a Pro-European group to counterbalance UKIP. Spain, with its many faults, plays the game in Europe and is a leading member of the Union. Britain has become the dunce of Europe. What a shame.