WHAT more do you want, British television, British food stores and now Primark? We’ve even got B&Q just around the corner. At last British retailers are looking to Spain and I suspect that more will follow. It is great news and Primark will be creating hundreds of new jobs. The only danger is that Majorca could become even more like Britain-in-the-sun for some expats. But at a time when the British community is getting smaller on the island anything that makes expats feel more at home is greatly welcomed. But remember that Primark has done their homework. Obviously, they want the foreign community and visiting tourists but their key market will be the Spanish. There has been a Spanish Facebook campaign for many years calling on the British store to open in Majorca after their success on the mainland. The increase in competition will make existing stores reduce their prices because competition is healthy. The opening announcement yesterday came on the day that new figures showed that small retailers had suffered a 20 percent fall in takings. The "big boys" are moving in and the smaller stores simply can’t compete. This story has been repeated across the globe but Imust admit that I do not have too much sympathy with the small shopkeepers. They have attempted to live in a new world with antiquated opening hours, with some even closing for holidays in August at the height of the tourist season. It is sad but they should move with the times. Sunday opening is permitted in Palma but only the big stores open.