Be aware!
Dear Sir,
On Tuesday I was robbed in the car park of Mercadona, in Palma Nova. My Messenger Bag was stolen from the back of my car whilst the thief’s accomplice distracted me, I was less that 3 metres away from the back door.
My wallet with 300+ euros and credit cards, my residencia card, medical card, driving licence along with my Nexus 7 tablet have gone.
This was reported to the Guardia Civil, where it was admitted that this type of theft was a growing problem and to my Insurance company to whom I have been paying premiums for over 20 years.
My Insurance company informed me that, had I suffered physical violence then they would have considered making a contribution to the cost of replacement, but as I was not beaten up I have no claim.
The cost of replacement will be over 1000 Euros. I am the loser in all of this. My question is, who is the biggest thief?
Robert Armitage
Santa Ponsa


Dear Sir,
Francina Armengol is an opportunist of the worst kind. Her political career is due to her father being mayor of Inca, so she is the last person to accuse anyone of nepotism.
She couldn’t really care less if we had a monarchy or not. What really worries her is  to lose votes to the recently formed coalition of the other Majorcan left wing parties. Being seen as a republican is more “progressive”.
OK Francina, you have your referendum about republic or monarchy as long as I can have one about Consell and Govern, yes or no?
Whereas I am pretty sure that after the results, Felipe will still be spending his summer hols in Marivent, I am more than sure that Armengol will be back in her chemist shop in Inca comparing profit margins with her chum Bauza.
Yours sincerely,
Simon Tow