Islamic extremism
Dear Sir,
David Lee has pointed out some of the atrocities which so many innocent people throughout the World have to endure at the hands of terrorists, who happen to be, almost without exception, Islamic extremists. It’s just the tip of the ice-berg though, these crazed individuals whether they group together as Al Quaida, Boko Harem, the Taliban or ISIS all have the same goal, that of infiltrating and destroying everyone who disagrees with their stone-age beliefs. They rape, pillage and murder by mass execution, beheading and the gauging out of eyes and organs - just as used to happen in the middle-ages.
Till now it’s been mainly happening throughout Asia, the Middle-East and Africa but soon, unless they are destroyed, they will bring their horror to Europe. The problem is that it’s almost impossible to stop frenzied fanatics who don’t put a value on their own lives, let alone the lives of others, and who have been so badly educated and brainwashed that they think that blowing themselves up along with innocent people will bring them riches, eternal after-life, 80 virgins etc etc after they are dead and buried. It is 6 months now that 200 school-children were abducted, their whereabouts are known and secret forces from the USA, France and the UK were apparently sent in, but still they have not been rescued. If even that relatively-easy task cannot be achieved, what hope is there in ever putting a halt to their widespread butchering and how long will it be before they get their hands on the same kind of missile-launcher as used in Ukraine recently? Then air travel as we know it will be history!
The West has for far too long given in to the insane beliefs of these people, now they tell us we should not have had Scottie dogs at the Commonwealth Games as it is insulting to Muslims! Makes my blood boil! And only yesterday, a Somali woman was executed for not wearing a veil and millions of young girls are mutilated as a normal part of life. European Governments have the difficult task of keeping Islamic extremism out of our continent and they must not be weak, for if they should fail there will for sure be terrible, unthinkable times ahead for all of us and our children.
James Brent