Employment in Majorca
Dear Sir,
I quote from your Editorial Tue. 05-08-14 - “455 people managed to land a job, I just hope that come the end of the summer season, they are not thrown back on the heap of jobless.”
President Bauza needs to follow up on the 455 people, who in November this year will not be able to claim any benefit through the winter. Unless they have a contract of at least 6 Months. But this is August!!!
What President Bauza should be reporting, nay concentrating on, is work and employment throughout the coming winter.
No doubt, in November etc., there will be very few hotels remaining open, very few flights, very few winter attractions etc. I doubt the Minister for Majorca’s Tourism, the President of Majorca, the hoteliers, etc, will not have anything created, organised, or even planned for the coming winter. Majorca and its unemployed, will suffer again this winter.
Yours faithfully,
F.S. Jessop

Shameful tax
Dear Sir,
I think it is rather shameful of the Spanish Government, to tax foreigners state pensions. When people have worked all their lives for it and paid tax. It seems the Spanish Government did not know that people living here received state pensions-- ‘Pigs might Fly’.
 In attempting to get our paper work up to date, we had a shock when we found we had to pay tax on our state pension from England. Previously we were told that we did not have to pay tax on it! We only receive the basic pension from England. The bill came to over 500 euros. So together with losing the heating allowance, with the solicitor’s bill we are over 1000 euros worse every year.
 For all the rhetoric you read in the papers about the Spanish economy recovering, it is still in deep trouble. You only have to see Spanish tv or read the papers that charities, for one Red Cross, are feeding more people on the streets. Also the Spanish Government some weeks ago gave so many millions to help the poor in the Balearics. Still a crisis? They must be desperate to tax foreigners state pensions. So beware you pensioners with state pensions you are in for a shock. To live here now you need quite a bit of money. The island is getting pricey, electricity is dearer here than in England and food is almost double. I am afraid this island is not what it was. What a shame. A question- is the taxing of foreigners state pensions permitted by the EU?
 Name and address withheld